Juju Cleanse

Those of you who follow me on Twitter know that I recently tried this new cleanse called 'Juju Cleanse'. It's basically a juice detox that you substitute for meals under the duration of your cleanse that gives you a break from all the processed foods and alcohol we take in on a daily basis. This would have already caught my attention since I like to 'try' to be healthy from time to time - emphasis on the 'try'. But the additional weight loss potential I was told it provided didn't hurt either. haha!

I decided I'd give it a try and chose the three-day cleanse to see how I would fare without food for 72 hours. The thought may be scary, but it really isn't as bad as many of you would think. The juices they deliver are well enough to keep you full throughout the day that you won't be left starving. Every night, they send the bottles to your house along with an instruction sheet and a handy bag to carry around complete with icepack and mint leaves. I love that they did everything for me. All I really had to do was to drink. They took care of the rest.

This is what they look like. Each bottle is numbered 1 - 6 so you are able to stay on track.
As you can see, I brought the juice with me to our Valle Verde 5 garage sale with Divine Lee. This was when I was explaining my 'juju' experience to the 'Becky Nights' boys, drink in hand.
Now all the juices were very different in taste. Some were more vegetable-based, others, fruit. I didn't have any strong dislike for any of the juices but this 'lemon-y' one was definitely my favorite. It reminded me a lot of the master cleanse I did and felt less like a cleanse and more like juice.
 Again, this is proof that I actually did the cleanse. haha! Many people wouldn't believe I actually withstood the challenge but I did. :) Here I am with Nix trying to get him to try the cleanse as well so that I would have moral support! haha!

Well, okay. I have to admit, I did cheat a little bit because due to circumstances I'd rather not divulge, I found myself needing to take medication and I was told it would not be smart for me to drink ibuprofen on an empty stomach, so I had crackers. :-s I know! I know I'm not supposed to eat but it was an unexpected situation in which I just really had to eat something.

Aside, from my little hiccup, I have to say that this cleanse really did make me feel lighter and more energized throughout the day as opposed to my usual 2 o'clock burn-out. Come late afternoon, I still had the energy to clean my room and was able to lift my bed all by myself. I usually need help changing the sheets but this time, I didn't. 

If you guys are scared to commit to three days of no food, they do have a one day program that you can start with to see how you feel. Just like everything else, it's best to ease into a program like this so you don't shock your body going in and coming out of it.

If you want to read more about the cleanse, visit www.jujucleanse.com.

I think I'll do this cleanse again right after the Christmas season, after all the Christmas goodies have settled and there is no more temptation in the house. It would be great to start the new year feeling refreshed and energized.


Angel said...

this is interesting. how much would each bottle cost?

nicoleandersson said...

Please check their website www.jujucleanse.com :-D Thank you!