Now open in SM Megamall
Drink sake out of wooden cups! It was fun to watch everyone try to form their lips on these.
Continuity- The same type of cups were used as wall deco.

In attendance:
 Joyce Platon & Bryan Revilla
Adrien Semblat, Belle Daza, and Mike Concepcion
Raymond Gutierrez (aka the host of the party) with Joyce Platon and Ces Olondriz
Lovi Poe, Maxene Magalona, myself, Yanee Nunez, and Rhian Ramos
(last 3 photos courtesy of Laureen Uy)

Things to try:
Prawn katsu
 Chicken katsu

Also try the 'HIRE' - I called it 'hire' (like "you're hired") but apparently it's pronounced "HI-RE" (hee-reh).
This was a fun break from the traditional Japanese food we usually eat (ie. sushi & sashimi). If you like fried chicken (who doesn't?) or anything katsu then you'll love YABU!

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