Emerald Island

Seems like the holidays were just here and now January is coming to an end. Is it just me or is time flying by really fast? Before you know it, it's summer again and that means back to worrying about our bikini bodies and choosing just the right bikini for you. Yikes! Hands up if you'd rather just live in kaftans all summer long! haha! The thought has crossed my mind once or twice but with so many cute 'swimmies' out there I feel like we'd all be missing out if we didn't experiment from time to time.


Feelin' Twiggy

Speaking of my fabulous stay-cation at Aruga by Rockwell, I just had to take some time between my Makati meetings that day to appreciate the lovely poolside. Between all the hustle and bustle of Makati, this is such a peaceful hideaway.


Death by Accounting Class

My title for this post perfectly expresses how I've been feeling these past few days as my accounting class in Bradford Manila came to two judgement days: the dreaded final exam and the final paper. I've always been quite good with numbers and actually got an A in my last accounting class back in college so I thought this class would be a breeze. Boy was I wrong. This class may as well have been called into to Portuguese because half the time it really felt like the professor was speaking another language - that's when I knew I was in trouble. Thank goodness I only opted to take one class this quarter rather than two! With travelling, all of the work, and the holiday season in full swing, there is no way I would have survived.

My Christmas at Aruga by Rockwell

Just a few weeks back, I was able to get a glimpse of the full ‘Aruga’ experience at Aruga by Rockwell and after just one night, I didn’t want to leave. Aruga’s serviced residences truly does live up to the meaning of it’s name of care and nurture. From the moment I got out of the car to checking out the next morning, the entire staff was friendly, warm, welcoming and accommodating to my every need. Sometimes even go above and beyond just answering a simple question I had. These guys made me feel at home and not as if I was just a guest in their home which really made my stay so much more relaxing.  It’s so refreshing when you encounter people who really seem to enjoy their jobs and are excellent at it - especially in the service industry. 


Welcome, 2015

Welcome, 2015! With the new year comes a new blog post, renewed hope, and a fresh start. 2014, was quite a roller coaster of emotions and challenges but I'm so thankful that it all turned out okay. If 2014 taught me anything it's that: 1) your health should be your biggest investment 'cause it's one of the biggest treasures so many take for granted and; 2) when life knocks you down, you have got to make the conscious effort to pick yourself back up again. I'll spare you all the sad details but this year I plan to re-focus on all the things that make me happy. I'm not quite sure what I would want as a measurable resolution but I'll let you guys know when I do.
Happy New Year, everyone! I hope this year will be awesome for all of us!