Halloween Horror Nights 5 | Universal Studios Singapore

Looking for something to scream about this Halloween? Head on over to Universal Studios Singapore this month and you'll definitely be in for a scare. Starting October 2, USS will bring your scariest nightmares to life with 4 haunted houses and 3 scare zones at their fifth instalment of Halloween Horror Nights —which will run for 14 nights across five weekends. This is the only immersive Halloween scare fest in Singapore this year so you won't wanna miss out. 


Win a Ponds x Happy Skin Makeover

In the last few months, my blogger besties and I have shared our steps in achieving that ‘no make up’ look. Laureen and I even made a video on how we get ready for our mall dates together. Well, last week, the girls and I got to participate in a beauty workshop


World Wide Wear, Wanderlust in Style - Win a Trip to Paris & Singapore!

If I weren’t a blogger, I think I’d try to be a professional shopper. I mean, think about it. It marries my love for fashion with my love for shopping and I’d get paid to boot! Sounds pretty darn sweet to me. If there’s any billionaire out there who would like to fly me across the world to do your shopping for you, send me an email! I’m sure we could work something out. LOL While I wait for that email, allow me to share a fun, new deal for all my fellow shopaholics out there. It’s Rustan’s World Wide Wear, Wanderlust in Style campaign where you can find the latest trends for your every travel destination.


Postcards from Masbate

I'm always happy to be able to discover different parts of the Philippines 'cause every island always has something different to showcase. For this trip, I got to explore the different sites of Masbate.


Some Prep in My Step

What do you guys wear to school? To be honest, I wish I made a bit more of an effort dressing up back in my college days (just cause). Back in high school, we always wore uniforms which made my life easier in the mornings but in college, I think I wore more sweatpants and hoodies than I'd like to admit. So now that I am somewhat getting a second chance (with taking my MBA) I think I'd like to look a little bit more presentable when I go to class.