10 #BeautyUp Tips to Ace an Interview

Hey guys! So as mentioned in my previous post, here is the video we made for some tips on how to #BeautyUp for a job interview. I was really happy when they brought up this idea because I remember the days when I would have to do them myself and it was nerve wracking! Finally, when I was on the other side, conducting the interviews, I really learned some invaluable lessons that are quite basic and I wish someone had told me. Well, anyway, I guess we can learn from my mistakes then! haha! Here are some top ten tips! I hope you find this helpful. :)

P.s. A BIG SHOUTOUT to the team who shot and edited this video! It looks so professional and well-made! Congrats, guys! I couldn't be happier. :)


Behind the Scenes: Creamsilk Video

Admittedly, I am a big fan of 'How To' videos online. They just make life so much easier! So I was quick to jump on-board when Creamsilk told me they wanted to make a video for tips on how to dress for a job interview. I felt that the topic was right up my alley and I really wanted to give some input from my experiences of applying for jobs back in the day. I'll be posting the video here as well, but if you'd like to check it out, just click here. For more behind the scenes photos, just keep reading.


Plaid = Preppy

I am so obsessed with this skirt.


Campus Visit: Adamson University

Campus visits are probably one of favourite things to do 'cause it's such a great opportunity to meet my readers in person :) With virtual reality distancing us more and more, it's refreshing to get human interaction and live feedback of the work you do. I was so happy to be invited by Nescafe to visit these 'Adamsonians' for their #DOTD campaign. What better way to get together and hang than over a cup of iced cold coffee?
I just love when everyone is so game to take photos and do the activities without any hesitations! Even if I was running on four hours of sleep, these guys gave me such a high from my visit that kept smiling the whole day through.
A big thank you to everyone who came out and if you wanna see more photos (and some of our selfies), check this album.


Teaser Video: Take your beauty to the next level

Every Filipina wants to rise above, beyond the ordinary, beyond her limits.
She always wants to be a step ahead – in beauty, style, in everything she sets her mind to. 
She always strives to be the best and most beautiful version of herself and won’t settle for anything less.
Because why settle when you can go beyond beautiful?
These are my sentiments exactly and so I am so happy to share with you guys a little project we've been working on to give you tips on how to #BeautyUp for different scenarios you'll encounter in your lives. Some chose day to night looks, and travelling tips while I chose prepping for a job interview! That video will be out soon but in the mean time, do enjoy our teaser video (above) or click this link to watch it on YouTube.
Leave a comment below and let me know what you think!