Sweater Weather

Now that I'm back in school, I'm also back to my school girl comfy clothes. That means lots of jeans, flats, and sweaters! haha! Yes. This is the new me - for now. It actually comes at the perfect time that I scored this hoodie from South Republik 'cause I get so freezing cold in class that I just have to keep it in my bag at all times. Confession: I'm also very 'ginawin' (prone to getting cold) so this rainy season is the perfect time to bust out all my favourite sweaters. I can barely stand any form of air conditioning now but that could be due to the lack of sleep but that's a whole other issue you don't need to worry about.

If you don't want to look too lazy when you're wearing your jeans and hoodie, throw on a pair of heels!
By the way, ignore the tiny eyes! haha! I really can't open my eyes when it's sunny outside. Hence, the dependence on shades.
I chose these new snake skin printed pumps to give the look a little more character and pattern. 
(South Republik hoodie, Berska jeans, Zara heels, Pretty Little Blings rings)
Side note: This was taken last week on a road trip I took to go shop in Paseo Greenfield. I just love that we have some outlets now that we can drive to and I hope that market grows. It's such a great place to find good deals on all your favourite brands.
After a little shopping. Still in jeans but here's another look if it's hot outside. ;)



Who doesn’t love a good buffet? Especially when we’re talking about world-class dishes with almost every cuisine you can think about. That’s just what Sofitel Manila’s Spiral buffet offers (and so much more).
This may have been my ’n’th time coming to Spiral but every time is different from the last. This time, though, it was especially enlightening ‘cause I got a tour of the entire buffet area and learned so many interesting facts about what actually goes on behind the scenes. And I have to say, Sofitel’s attention to detail with this award-winning restaurant just blew my mind. It really seems as if they’ve thought of everything from all the ingredients, the staff, the equipment, to the overall experience for every customer. Because, at the end of the day, that’s really what I get when I eat at Spiral - a great memory of fantastic flavours and friendly people.
In my opinion, the service of a restaurant can really make or break your opinion of the establishment and if Spiral’s packed house is any indication of their service, then you know they’re doing something right. Just look at the face of this happy camper who happily stopped in front of me to pose for a picture between filling his plate. He’s happy to be here and so was I.
That’s because every time I go, I’m always welcomed with a friendly smile as though I’m a welcomed guest into their happy home. The chefs I see on TV who always seem to be shouting at each other are a far cry from the happy people I see behind the stoves here. I was told that Spiral intentionally doesn’t put name tags on their dishes to encourage the customers to ask the chefs questions. All of which, they seemed to be happy to attend to. They we’re even friendly enough to stop working for a quick second and amuse me with a photo.
Not to mention the cute outfits these girls were in! Okay. I think that particular point was just for me.
Now let’s talk about the food! Ah. The food… Where do I even begin? I’m pretty sure if you’re looking for it, they have it. And if they don’t I wouldn’t be surprised that they’d willing to whip it up for you if you asked. Between all their 21 ateliers, you can experience so many different cuisines within just a few steps. I would have to say this would be a perfect place to take an indecisive girl like me to dinner or even the whole family for Sunday brunch so everyone’s particular taste is satisfied. And you’re not only getting quantity but quality too! Between the Bonnet French stove – a customized oven used by Michelin Star chefs around the world and a tandoori oven specially flown in from India to capture the flavors and aromas inspired by maharajahs. We’re definitely getting food fit for royalty. 
I can go on and on talking about all the things I love about this place, but just look at some of the photos and let them speak for themselves.
You can even bring home some flavours from Spiral!
You can make your own salad...or you can shake and go!
Peking Duck – 20 piececs of ducks daily (served with a pancake) yum!

When you're here, don't forget to try the signature Spiral bread too. The olive bread.
And for all you cheese-lovers out there: a cheese room! Yes, an entire room full of cheese. You're welcome.
Finally, for my favourite part of any buffet: DESSERT!
Hand-made, no less!
It's almost too pretty to eat. ALMOST! ;)
They have everything from truffles, crepes, ice cream, halo halo, chocolate towers, and troves and troves of goodies to choose from. I'd go back just for the dessert section alone.
I'm getting hungry just remembering all the things I ate! I definitely am going back asap.
So if you've been living under a rock and haven't tried Spiral's buffet yet, go try it out at the Sofitel Manila! You won't regret it. :)


Amongst the Flowers

Summer is gone and school's back in and I can't help but daydream about this lovely escape into the mountains where everything is much simpler and easier. Speaking of easy, allow me to share with you my love for rompers. When you find the right fit for your body type, this one-piece can be the perfect travel buddy to just throw on and go. I really like to bring them with me almost anywhere I go simply because you can just slip it on and go. I love this one because the soft, pastel colours just give you that perfect feminine look in a more unexpected silhouette. Granted rompers have the tendency to look a little bit like pajamas, but throwing a blazer or structured vest over it can easily transform your whole into something more edgy and sophisticated. With all the options out there, I'm sure you'll easily find one that's right for you.
P.s. I really don't wanna do homework right now... :s
 With special participation of Luna, the super sweet bukid dog.


Student Life: 2nd Quarter at Bradford Manila

And so our second quarter at Bradford Manila has begun. This was taken in ethics class yesterday led by our professor, Dr. Victor Egan who they flew in all the way from Australia. It's pretty cool actually 'cause I have some classmates this quarter who also took the same classes as me last time but also some new faces around the room. That and our professor combined makes for some very interesting and educated class discussions. My favourite part is hearing everyone's different opinions based on all our different experiences in different countries and industries. It really makes all our discussions quite productive.
As I mentioned, this is first week in Business Ethics class and so we began to scratch the surface with the understanding and importance of ethics as well as globalisation's implications on it. In this class we are given real-life case studies to analyse and discuss. So we really have a empirical perspective on all our theory work. I think that's what I love most about taking the MBA this year - the fact that we are all able to look at each of our positions and apply everything we learn in class into real life situations.
Sometimes we even get to share some of the challenges we are facing at work to the class and get professional feedback on their opinions on the matter and suggestions of what has worked for them. :)
So far, I really like where this class is going and how our professor is leading us through the material. Now all I need is to Ace the assignment and it'll really be awesome! haha!
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