White Walker

Confession: I have such an irrational fear of wasting a good outfit on an insignificant day and I'm pretty sure I'm not alone on this one. It's just one of those things where you really wanna get the the most bang for your buck (so to speak) and yes,  I had the same internal struggle with this trendy twosome. I ordered it from Koogal a while back but between work, school, and my unfortunate downtime with surgery this little number didn't get to see the light of day 'til last week.


Shades Originators Giveaway - Closed

Hey guys! Remember my last post about these Ksubi sunnies? Well here's just more proof of how much I love them. I obviously can't take them off.
But now it's your turn to rock your very own pair of sunnies from shades originators with this giveaway!


A few new things

As some of you may know, I recently underwent surgery to have my appendix removed. :-( It was rough for the first 10 days but I'm slowly getting back on my feet now and trying to get back to regular programming. I'm doing my best to be healthier and really be wary of what I put into my body 'cause I never wanna go through that sort of pain ever again!


Certain Appeal

There’s just something about circle skirts that make me want to twirl! They’re just so playful and feminine - not to mention breezy! I have been a victim of many windy days that lead to  Marilyn Monroe moments that just aren’t as adorable when you’re struggling to hold your skirt down while carrying shopping bags. So be smarter than I was and wear skin-tight shorts to avoid the embarrassment. 


White Noise

There's just something so sophisticated about an a monochromatic look, especially with whites and beiges. It's the cleanliness and freshness of the colours that make them look so refined. However, there is always that love-hate relationship with white garments as they're always so high-maintenance to don.