Certain Appeal

There’s just something about circle skirts that make me want to twirl! They’re just so playful and feminine - not to mention breezy! I have been a victim of many windy days that lead to  Marilyn Monroe moments that just aren’t as adorable when you’re struggling to hold your skirt down while carrying shopping bags. So be smarter than I was and wear skin-tight shorts to avoid the embarrassment. 
‘Anywho’, thank goodness this day wasn’t like that at all. I was so comfortable in this Mode by Kat G. dress that I was just twirling to my heart’s desire! The dress is indeed very girly but the cut outs and asymmetrical neckline show just enough skin without being too vulgar. This is a great look for day to night events and even parties - a refreshing take on the regular party dress. 
(Mode by Kat G dress, Morellato jewelry,  Stradivarius heels, Pretty Little Blings rings)
All photos taken by Louie Arcilla.


White Noise

There's just something so sophisticated about an a monochromatic look, especially with whites and beiges. It's the cleanliness and freshness of the colours that make them look so refined. However, there is always that love-hate relationship with white garments as they're always so high-maintenance to don. As much as I would love to wear white everyday, I don't think I'd be able to stay sane worrying about every possible stain the world has to offer. So I'll save this look for special, care-free days like this one when I shot with photographer Louie Arcilla for his portfolio. Just look at how nice and clean his photos are! Thanks so much, Louie. Working with you makes shooting such a breeze.
Check out his photos below, and keep reading to see how you can score a discount on these cool Ksubi shades I'm wearing.
As you all know, I am a big lover of sunglasses and online shopping. So when I discovered Shades Originators I was pretty excited to find a website that combined my two loves. That's actually where I found these Ksubi skeleton sunglasses that are not that easy to find here along with other designer glasses that are just so lust-worthy. And as a special treat to all my readers, they're even offering 30% off on ALL Ksubi sunglasses from their website! All you have to do is enter this code at check out: VIP30
It's that simple! All now you can get all your favourite designer shades from all over the world, curated in one website and delivered right to your doorstep! Pretty cool if you ask me. Happy Shopping!
(KSUBI shades from shadesoriginators.com, Forever21 top, Pretty Little Blings necklace, Amercian Eagle jeans, Zara heels, Armani clutch)

If you want to check out more or Louie Arcilla's work, check his Facebook page here.


Your Shopping Bag

Okay. So I have a little confession to make. Recently, I have been more and more addicted to online shopping. It's just so convenient! You can practically buy anything you need at the click of a button without having to go out, find parking, and line up in long queues. My favourite go-to items, though, are things you can't find so easily in the mall like this new Victoria Secret Trend Report Makeup Kit that I found online at Your Shopping Bag.
From afar, it just looks like a plain, old make up book but when you open it on the inside, it's actually a makeup palette with practically every colour you can find! It has everything from day to night colours, eye shadows, blush, lipstick, and even applicators! Great for travelling or even just keeping in the car if ever you need to change your look within the day.
I like it 'cause it even comes with instructions on how to achieve certain looks that are on trend for the season. So if you're feeling a bit adventurous, then you have all the tools to experiment in this tiny book! Not to mention how much more streamlined your makeup kit will be with just having this rather than 20 different items scattered all over the place. Plus, if you can end up looking like this everyday, then why not?!
Okay. Now I'm just dreaming.
I'm just so happy I found an online retailer that can guarantee each and every item's authenticity by sending store receipts to whomever requests for it so you know that what your buying is authentic and store-bought products from the U.S. They offer pre-order services from any US based online store but what's even better is that Your Shopping Bag has an ongoing promo which is a free Clinique gift with a purchase of P1,000! I got so excited by this prospect that I just made another wish-list of all the other items I wanna get in their store. Check them out below:
All these and more, available at Your Shopping Bag
Happy shopping!


Le Spa, Sofitel Manila

Serenity is great. Stress - not so much. Unfortunately, with our hectic tuned-in world nowadays, we experience less and less of the first and more and more of the second. So with all our hectic schedules, it can be quite difficult to put aside the time to unwind and treat yourself after a long day’s work. Sometimes, just a few hours away from all the madness is what you need and that’s exactly what I found in Sofitel’s Le Spa just recently. It’s perfectly located for a quick getaway from all the Manila madness so you don’t really have to leave town to relax and unwind.
Their wide array of health and beauty treatments just might be what you need to bring your natural glow back.
I tried the Oasis package which included an hour of Filipino massage and a 30-minute instant glow facial in the Jardin D’Eden room.
This room came with it’s own shower, tub, steam room, sound system and even your own private balcony (which I was told was great for proposals). ahem. *gentlemen* :)
They really set the place up to make you feel right at home and they give you some time before your treatment to settle in and really get comfortable. While waiting for the therapists, you have the option to use the steam room, hop in the tub, choose your own playlist, or watch the sunset from your private balcony.
The massage was great, as expected! The therapist was really accommodating and made sure that I was comfortable. My favourite part though, had to be the 30 minute facial only because they used this weird rolling pin device to massage my face and that was completely new to me! I couldn't help but smile cause it felt so new to me but in a good way.
If you really want alone time, you have the option to choose a single room and a couples room is also available for a more romantic getaway.
I just love this view. It really felt like I was in some other city and not in Manila. This might even be the perfect time to book a getaway for the long weekend!
Granted, I was feeling so relaxed after all that pampering! You can probably tell by the smile on my face. I'm surely tempted to do it all over again. :)
Have a relaxing weekend, everyone! You guys deserve it.


Sweater Weather

Now that I'm back in school, I'm also back to my school girl comfy clothes. That means lots of jeans, flats, and sweaters! haha! Yes. This is the new me - for now. It actually comes at the perfect time that I scored this hoodie from South Republik 'cause I get so freezing cold in class that I just have to keep it in my bag at all times. Confession: I'm also very 'ginawin' (prone to getting cold) so this rainy season is the perfect time to bust out all my favourite sweaters. I can barely stand any form of air conditioning now but that could be due to the lack of sleep but that's a whole other issue you don't need to worry about.

If you don't want to look too lazy when you're wearing your jeans and hoodie, throw on a pair of heels!
By the way, ignore the tiny eyes! haha! I really can't open my eyes when it's sunny outside. Hence, the dependence on shades.
I chose these new snake skin printed pumps to give the look a little more character and pattern. 
(South Republik hoodie, Berska jeans, Zara heels, Pretty Little Blings rings)
Side note: This was taken last week on a road trip I took to go shop in Paseo Greenfield. I just love that we have some outlets now that we can drive to and I hope that market grows. It's such a great place to find good deals on all your favourite brands.
After a little shopping. Still in jeans but here's another look if it's hot outside. ;)