Hello, Sailor!

While we're on that Soul Surf / beach getaway note, allow me to show off one of the designs of my good friend Camille Co for Soak Swimwear. :) How adorable is this high-waist bikini? It's so reminiscent of the 1950's pin-up girl but with a modern spin.


La Union Soul Surf with Guess

Here they finally are! The photos from our super fun getaway with GUESS for La Union Soul Surf 2014! I was pretty stoked when guess invited me to come along for the ride and experience just how they throw a party - VIP style.


Nicole Andersson for Smart Bro Pocket Wifi + Giveaway

The wait is finally over and I can finally tell you guys about this AMAZING project I shot a while back. It’s my FIRST EVER TVC for Smart featuring the Smart Bro 4G Pocket WiFi! I still can't believe I'm saying it. When my manager called me and told me about the project I literally screamed on the phone. I couldn’t believe it was real until the day I showed up on the set (and even ’til then I had to keep making sure it wasn’t all a dream). It’s just such an honour when a brand you believe in & rely on chooses you to represent their product - an awesome one at that! Being part of the SMART family almost feels like you’re part of this select group of people who understand the ease & reliability of their network and if you’re a SMART user, then you know what I mean ;) Awesome phone plans - check! Strong cell service - check! And now, a SUPER FAST POCKET WIFI - triple check!!! 

Nowadays, internet connection has become a requirement for all of our daily needs that we no longer have an excuse not to be connected. I know I don’t, especially with having to juggle my blog, social media, and submitting my school assignments online. I no longer want to have to rely on other people or establishments for their free wifi ‘cause now I can finally have my own. So I can be connected anytime, anywhere. :)

It’s so empowering to know that I now have high-speed Internet on the go that I can share with my friends and classmates for only P1,495. This just means that I can blog in the car, in the park, at the beach or anywhere else I choose! So if you see me in any random location typing away on my laptop, you’ll know why - and if you want to, I’ll even share it with you! ‘Cause like they say, “it’s always good to share your blessings” (*wifi included) ;)

Speaking of sharing our blessings, SMART has decided to giveaway a Smart Bro 4G Pocket Wifi as well! So you guys can experience this awesome feeling for yourselves. It’s so easy to join too! All you have to do is:

Step 1: Follow @SMARTPromos and @nicoleandersson on Twitter

Step 2: TWEET us how YOU will use a new #SmartBro4GPocketWifi with the link bit.ly/NicolexSBPW 
*Don’t forget to use the hashtag & add the link to this blog post. 

Example: “Hi @SMARTPromos @nicoleandersson I will use the #SmartBro4GPocketWifi to stay ahead with all my school work bit.ly/NicolexSBPW

The best answer will get a free Smart Bro 4G Pocket Wifi!

Or better yet, you don’t have to wait for us to pick a winner ‘cause you can order your own pocket wifi here: http://smrt.ph/pocketwifi-store

You can consider it an early Christmas present for yourself & you’d be making me even happier this yuletide season ;) Two in one na! haha!

And if the idea of super fast, affordable, and portable internet isn’t quite enough to convince you yet, maybe this will. I present to you a gist of my life in 30 seconds!!!! Enjoy!

Stay tuned for the next post about what went on behind the scenes & other fun stuff ;)


Free as a Bird

Inspiration can be found anywhere, including those cartoon characters from your childhood who always put a smile on your face.



Hey guys! Sorry it’s been a while since my last post. Things have been quite hectic this past week but I finally found some time to squeeze in a post about another fab new French Mediterranean resto I’ve discovered. It’s called Myons and it’s the cutest little, quaint hideaway in such a busy city.