An Escape into the Mountains

Let's take a moment to forget about the crazy Christmas rush and escape into the mountains for some much-needed 'r&r' and perhaps even a little daydreaming. 
As you can probably tell, from reading my blog, I'm as 'city girl' as city girls get. But this concrete jungle does take it's toll on my asthma and to some extent, my sanity. So right when I got the go signal from my doctor to travel again, it was straight to the mountains for me!


Fresh Start

Is there something you've been meaning to start for a while now - like a new hobby, or maybe try a new sport or activity? It can even be as simple as spending more time with a loved one. I'm sure we all have them - those little things we've been meaning to get to but just can't seem to find the time for. I have a bunch and one of them is to start making healthier choices in terms of my diet.
After having gone through what seemed like a month-long battle with my appendix, I decided that I can't keep pushing off my health any longer. My body doesn't care about my deadlines or what expectations I have set for myself. It only knows what I put in. So that really scary wake up call is what pushed me to make a change and start making better choices for my body.


Behind the Scenes: Smart Bro Commercial Shoot

As promised in my previous post, here are some behind the scenes photos from our commercial shoot with Smart. Though you can't really tell from the 30 second video (below) this actually took us 17 hours to shoot. I never really realised how much attention to detail is put into the commercials I see on tv until I experienced it myself! It really makes you respect the people who do this for a living 'cause they have to take everything into account (and I mean EVERYTHING like the light, the weather, the clothes, the position of your every body part, and every strand of hair). haha! Talk about perfectionists! But these guys are so dedicated to their jobs and getting that perfect shot that you really have to hand it to them. Thank you to the Provil team for teaching me the ways of the commercial world. :)


Hello, Sailor!

While we're on that Soul Surf / beach getaway note, allow me to show off one of the designs of my good friend Camille Co for Soak Swimwear. :) How adorable is this high-waist bikini? It's so reminiscent of the 1950's pin-up girl but with a modern spin.


La Union Soul Surf with Guess

Here they finally are! The photos from our super fun getaway with GUESS for La Union Soul Surf 2014! I was pretty stoked when guess invited me to come along for the ride and experience just how they throw a party - VIP style.